Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Roger Christie has no freedom of religion because his sacrament isn't a placebo.

Roger Christie has been denied bail because the government claims him to be a danger to the community. He cannot be said to be a danger to the community if he has never harmed any member of that community. Why would he start now? Let the government produce a victim before they cast aspersions.

All marijuana use is religious, not just for those who form a church around it. Being high is a state of grace, in which the answers to prayers become known. Even atheists entertain hopes, which are informal prayers. God doesn’t stand on formality.

The public supposes that the U.S.A. has Freedom of Religion. The Christie case proves that the only tolerated churches are those with placebos for sacraments. The state will say that his religion is not a religion, but it's not their call. Religion is not the name of a church. Each person's religion is singular, according to individual conscience. Outlawing the sacrament of cannabis deprives millions of divine feedback. This is contrary to Free Exercise of Religious Liberty.

The intent of prohibition is to prevent a religious revival, such as got off to a false start in the Sixties, and was then driven so far underground by the war on drugs as to be in the grave. Government policy is to maintain the illusion of Freedom of Religion while denying its Free Exercise.

The cost of this policy is dear, but it's paid by the many. The policy exists to garantee pertetual employment of the few, the self-appointed crisis-managers, for the crisis that they manufactured. It's class warfare to retain control of resources and agendas in current hands.

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