Thursday, April 30, 2009

Illegal mushrooms traced back to God

Clifton Ingram faces felony possession of psilocybin in Asheville NC. His defense will be to appeal to his jury of peers that there is a higher law than the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. The higher law is that “God’s gifts should be celebrated, not used as a cause to arrest folks“.

Mr. Ingram’s own peer group, the double-digit-demographic which approves of accepting God’s gifts, would tend to agree. But prospective jurors must be disqualified if they aren't able to make an objective determination as to if a violation of a lawfully-enacted statute happened. Jurors who feel the statute is unjust cannot be objective. They will be free to go home with no blood on their hands. Look at the size of the jury pools needed to find a panel with the right stuff.
How much has this case already cost the taxpayers? Mr. Ingram is not even alleged to have been bothering anybody. Society is voluntarily shooting itself in the foot.
Mr. Ingram should be given witness-protection for rolling over on the cartel big fish. God and Mother Nature have conspired to provide rain, sunlight, and composted earth for illegal seeds for too long. Their plants manufacture contraband, around the globe, around the clock. Are the masterminds to get off scot-free, while little-guy copycats are selectively prosecuted? We have God’s written confession that it was He who created the seed-bearing plants in the first place (Gen.(1:12). Behold, He pronounces them very good, without remorse for either weed, mushrooms, morning glories, coca, poppies, cacti... Furthermore, He has afflicted humanity with bodies that react to the presence of the taboo molecules in ways that cause people who have had the experience to want further experience. With the help of Mr. Ingram’s incriminating testimony that he gets his psilocybin from God, we should be able to keep Him off the streets for a good long time.


  1. Nice blog, jury nullification is always an option. It's to bad that judges feel that it is not. I think we all need to spread the word on the jury nullification option. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. Good point about mushrooms being from "God" or whatever you consider the source of the Earth t come from. If "God" created everything then that includes pot and magic mushrooms. And if "God" is perfect and all-knowing then those questioning the placement of such natural plants in our life are second guessing "God" are they not?

    So who is siding with the cosmic force ("God")?--those who say what this force created to be "evil" or those who celebrate the Earth and all that is here including pot and mushrooms?

    If alcohol is considered holy in some religions (Catholic, etc.) which is a very powerful and easily abused drug then other drugs should be allowed to be consumed by individuals seeking spiritual inspiration and insight. Or just those looking for recreational relaxation and fun. Who is our government to say what we do with our bodies? I want my freedoms back.

  3. Great post, great comments. Thanks for stopping by, Jason, and Keep Austin Weird!

  4. Thanks for the enlightenment....

  5. As we all know the US does not take any drugs lightly, so fighting a case in the name of God won't work either....

    Still, a nice post and great picture.

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  6. If God there is, surely everything can be traced back to it.